I am the performer, composer, but above all the educator. There is no time for learning and time for work in my life. I curiously learn all the time. When I learn an useful secret, I don’t keep it, but think straight away about sharing it with others. I initiated many projects that reflect the equality of different music styles. I recognize the qualities in people with not so big names or shiny cv’s. They blame me on many successful professional careers of musicians, that I met and encouraged in their early phase.

In the classical world I have performed solo, chamber music, contemporary projects and worked as a principal viola player in the Slovenian National Opera. My love of European violin folk traditions is expressed through constant learning of new violin styles. I am the original member of the BBC awarded group Terrafolk and I also worked as a violinist-soloist in the famous Canadian theatre ‘Cirque du Soleil’. I worked as a teacher of classical viola and chamber music in the Conservatory of Music in Maribor and as a mentor for jazz improvisation at the Music  Academy in Ljubljana. I founded the international Symbolic Orchestra that stresses the variety of expression in string instrument performance. I initiated the educational platform ‘Godalkanje’ where I work with innovative didactic approaches to diverse music genres. I cooperate with many bowed string instruments experts in certain music styles from all over the Europe. I used to lead projects with the Jena Philharmonic Orchestra (2008) and the Slovenian National Radio Symphony Orchestra (2005, 2006, 2008). In 2022 produced a an original and innovative ’70 disco performance ‘String Islands’ for DJ, band and 40 violins in the main square of Maribor. I have also written scores of original music for those orchestras as well for the Symbolic Orchestra and smaller line-ups.

I learned from:
Mile Kosi, Kim Kashkashian, Diemut Poppen, Tabea Zimmermann, Laszlo Barshony, Zlatko Stahuljak, Mathias Buchholz, Carol Rodland, Hartmud Rhode, Vlado Batista, Saša Olenjuk, Christian Howes, Darol Anger, Jean Christophe Gairard, Marcel Ramba, Tcha Limberger, Dobrica Vasić, Zoltán Lantos, Ida Meidell Blylod, Wouter Vandenabeele, Klemen Bračko, Žiga Brank

I worked on creative projects with:
Terrafolk, Symbolic Orchestra, European Symbolic Orchestra, Funtango, David Gordon, Transylvanian Folk Eaters, Terra Mystica, All Capone Štrajh Trio, Amnesty Trio, Midnight Sun Trio, Full Cool Orchestra, Bluegrass Hoppers, CV:B:K, Danijel Černe, Boštjan Gombač, Klemen Bračko, Matija Krečič, DJ JAMirko Marko Hatlak, Izidor Leitinger, Sašo Vollmaier, Gregor Strniša, Barja Drnovšek, Ida Meidell Blylod, Vasilij Meljnikov, Igor Mitrović, Dejan Lapanja, JAMirko, Marko Črnčec, Arvid Engegard, Knud Lundquist, Susanne Lundeng, Janez Dovč, Aldo Kumar, Matej Hotko, Šemsudin Džopa, Janez Gabrič, Milko Lazar, Sofia Hogstadius, Jean-Christophe Gairard, Tilen Artač

I also performed or recorded with (a soloist or chamber musician):
Vlatko Stefanovski, The Cat Empire, Matija Solce, Vinko Globokar, Miloš Mlejnik, Simone Zanchini, Aci Bertoncelj, Boštjan Lipovšek, Tommy Emanuel, Tilen Stepišnik, Kristijan Krajnčan, Neil Innes, Catch Pop String Strong, Miloš Simić, Mahesh Vinayakram, Kristian Krajnčan

ESTA UK Summer school in Chichester – main presenter (2017, 2021)
ESTA international conference 2016
ESTA Slovenia (2014, 2018)
Godalkanje (2010- )
>20 Slovenian Music schools
Fiddle Gateway (2022 -)
Violin TECH – online course 2022, winter semester
International workshops for children (Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands. Luxembourg, Austria)
Courses in Tübingen – Folklang (2018, 2019, 2020)
Galicia Fiddle (San Simon, 2019)
Teacher’s trainings – Slovenian national string teachers group (2017, 2018)
Festival Maribor, Festival Godibodi (music theory)
Musica Romanica Antiqa (2014-2016), , Fiddlers on the Move (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022)